The Ten Methods for Meditating on the World – Study Notes for MP 49

Part 1

“There are Ten Methods for meditating on the world that can lead us to happiness and fulfillment.” (The Lost Sutras of Jesus – Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of the Xian Monks, copyright 2003 by Ray Riegert & Thomas Moore)

These Ten Methods have great importance: happiness and fulfillment. This does not suggest the “self-love” philosophy that many in the world promote, but rather, it suggests that by following these methods, we can grow in our maturity of how we view the world itself. As disciples of Yesu (Ye Su, Yeshua, Jesus), it is our wish to have our minds on that which is of a divine nature.

Having experienced the very presence of Yisho and maintaining a pure lifestyle, remaining outside the influences of the world, it becomes obvious that we begin to enjoy an increase of happiness and fulfillment. Our joy does not come from the world, but rather from the Lord of Heaven.

I am working on notes and studies on each of the Ten Methods and will publish on a regular basis.

May the Lord of Heaven bless you,

Abba Charles

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