Lord Metatron’s Prayer

(Prayed at least once daily by Jehovih’s Faithists)

Eternal Creator, All-Supreme One, Jehovih, Sovereign of the Universe, I give You thanks and praise for the mission that You have given unto me, Your servant. I ask for Your guidance in all things that You would have me do, so that Your Will is done.

I thank You for permitting the angelic beings of previous ages to reveal the Oahspe Bible to humanity, so that all who are attentive to Your Voice shall ascend above the human shell and rise unto Your Presence.

I thank You, Jehovih, for gathering those who have heard Your call to bear Your light unto all the nations, from the East to the West, from Yemen to China, from Turkey to Spain, and from the British Isles to the Americas.

May Your Will be done and may Your Light always shine upon Your Remnant of Light wherever they may reside, as families, communities or as solitary believers. Please keep Your hand upon these, Your servants, as Your own children.

All honour and glory is Yours, forever and ever.


(From Word of Heaven 1:10-5)