The content of this website is based on the teachings provided by various celestial beings that have descended to teach the blessed remnant of the Creator. Some of these events have been visited by the Messiah Himself along with His mother Mary, along with various Archangels such as Michael, Gabriel, Metatron and others. The purpose of this site is to chronicle, in modern language, these events and to highlight the teachings.

Two of the most recent events took place in 2019.

A great number of brothers and sisters of the Religion of Light were called by the urging of the Great Spirit to gather at the Great Temple in Terra Nova on the evening of 19 March 2019. Also at this solemn assembly, the Teacher of Righteousness and his brother the Teacher of Light were present. As all were singing praises to the Creator, a great light began shining above the altar and descended. It soon became apparent that there were many celestial beings present.

On 7 May 2019, a gathering took place in Terra Nova with many of the disciples in the Temple at the urging of the Eternal Father… At this assembly one of the celestial beings who had descended was identified by the voice of the Father as His own image, Metatron… And he began to teach the Remnant.

Some of the content of this site is based on the English book Teachings of the Masters with additional revelations for our modern day.

Please be aware that this is not part of a “New Age” movement, but rather a service or ministry that is offered to the public, but especially to the Remnant of Jehovih’s Faithists, assistance in understanding the teachings provided by what we believe to be continuing revelation. This ministry is independent of any Jewish, Christian or Messianic sect.

The Remnant Firmly Believes…

  • That there is one Almighty Creator (whose Name is Yahweh/Jehovih*).
  • That Joshu/Jesus* is the Messiah and King of Israel.
  • That while the Creator is one, we refer to His rulership as the “Godhead”, consisting of the Father, Mother and Son.
  • That the Creator provides His chosen people, the Remnant, with guidance by sending His messengers to the earth to disseminate divine revelation. We do not believe that the Godhead has refrained from speaking to His Remnant.
  • That the messengers, both earthly and celestial, have come to humankind throughout history, by various names, and that each have been servants of the Father.
  • That through the messengers, the Father makes a covenant whereby the Remnant is able to learn additional steps to walk in the path of light seeking perfection. In some cases, He re-confirms a covenant with His people.
  • We should refer to both the message (teachings) and the messengers as the “Word from Heaven.” We understand that their teachings, for whatever period of time they were revealed, are the very words of the Creator Himself, and thus we consider them as part of our sacred scriptures.
  • We must respect the various sacred writings of other religions, especially the Jewish and Christian holy texts (Bible), certain Manichaean texts, and certain others. However, we have our own sacred texts, as mentioned above, which consist of the messages provided by various celestial beings “through the Voice of the Creator” and the Oahspe Bible.
  • That it is our duty to share the hope of Jehovih’s Kingdom on earth with others, but that we should never force our religious beliefs on others; we do not believe in converting others through coercive methods. Our primary focus is to worship our Creator, to remain a clean people and to build up the Remnant with the Message of Light, hope and encouragement.
  • That no one should be discriminated against due to the color of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation, their national origin, tribe or social status. We believe that all stand equal before the Great Creator.
  • That each person has the freedom to practice the religion of their choice as long as such religion does not bring harm to others or to themselves. With this in mind, we also believe that it is important that the Remnant remain clean in Jehovih’s service and not be contaminated by adopting false beliefs and/or practices of other religions not associated with the Religion of Light. While we believe in others’ right to practice their own religion or philosophy, we have the right to disagree with their belief system without condemning the individual.
  • That the Creator, through His celestial messengers, has appointed earthly representatives to guide the Remnant further in His light. These include the Teacher of Righteousness and the Teacher of Light, in addition to those appointed by these Teachers.
  • That a priesthood has been established by the Father to provide special services and intercession for the Remnant. We do not believe that the priesthood takes the place of the divine messengers, but their responsibility is to help guide and counsel the Remnant and to pray for their needs.
  • That a tithing and alms system has been established by our loving Father to ensure that the needs of various programs are met for educational purposes and to help various communities within the faith when they are in dire need. Thus, we believe that tithes should be paid a monthly basis to the Temple (ten percent of one’s income after living expenses have been met). The alms system is when individuals provide food or a financial offering to the Temple when a transgression has been made (for example, a sin offering).

* There are various names of the Creator. Those familiar with Hebrew texts are familiar with “Yahweh”; those accustomed to using Aramaic are familiar with “Mar-Yah”, or “Yah”; and those who use the Oahspe are known to use the Name “Jehovih” (similar to “Jehovah”). For the sake of consistency and with an English speaking audience in mind, I have used the Name “Jehovih” throughout the site except to highlight a specific form of the Divine Name or when it is required when quoting a source. Additionally, there are various names of the Messiah (Jesus, Yeshua, Isho, Joshu). This site uses “Joshu” consistently. These two names are used in the Oahspe Bible to identify the Creator (Jehovih) and the real Jesus (Joshu).

My name is Nathaniel Ĺ˝ivan; I was born on February 1, 1941. I am a vowed cloistered brother and elder within the faith in Montana, United States, originally from Serbia. Any mistakes on this site are those of my own in transcribing from often times hand written notes to a digital format. To send an email, please write to to the attention of “Nathan Z.”