“Word from Heaven” is a sect (or spiritual community) of the Religion of Light which utilizes the Jingjiao Sutras (or “Jesus Sutras”) dating between 635 and 1000 A.D., including the Teachings of the Masters and others. These texts contain elements of Taoism, Buddhism, early Christianity and Manichaeism (Monijiao).

This site offers materials for downloading for your personal study of the Word of Heaven. The blog features articles about the various sutras, book reviews, and teaching in general.

Altar Symbol

This is the symbol used on (or above) altars of Word from Heaven. It is the Word from Heaven version of the Wufang Shangdi. It is symbolic of the multifaceted functions of the Godhead. The term Wufang Shangdi (五方上帝) refers to the “five forms of the Godhead.”