Amethyst. A symbol of the presence of Metatron and a device by which a priest’s service is measured by divine standards. It is never used as a magical object or charm.

Celestial being. A generic term that can refer to either angels, angels of higher grades, archangels, gods and lords in service to the Creator.

Commandments. These are the Commandments of Moses, also known as the Ten Commandments in Judaism.

Divine Mother. Also known as the Spirit of holiness, or the feminine aspect of the Creator.

Faithist. A person who worships only the Creator and who has made a covenant with Him, being guided by the Oahspe Bible.

Father. The Creator. Also known as Father of Greatness.

Gabriel. An archangel. Mentioned in the New Testament as announcing to Mary, the mother of Jesus, of the birth of her son.

Gate Keeper. A powerful celestial being in service to the Creator who assigns each soul to its place of residence according to his or her Grade or level of progress. He is the guardian of the Gates of Grades.

Gospel of Matthew. The book by the same name from the New Testament. This is considered as sacred text by Jehovih’s Faithists.

Grades. Levels of progress. To gain a better understanding of how the Oahspe Bible describes Grades, see the Book of Judgment chapter 6.

Holy water. Used for blessing people and objects, a common practice among Essene Faithists.

James. This is the brother of Joshu who wrote the Epistle bearing his name, considered sacred by Essene Faithists.

Jehovih. The Name of the Creator in the Oahspe, and on occasion within the Hebrew Scriptures.

Jehovih’s Faithists. A small religious community which worships Jehovih the Creator and considers the Oahspe Bible as its central religious text. Sometimes referred to as Essene Faithists.

Joshu. Another name of Jesus, but not equated with the same Jesus who is worshipped by nominal Christians.

Joshu’s Prayer. A prayer adapted for Faithists from the 1938 Church Service Book based on the “Our Father” or “Lord’s Prayer” from the New Testament.

Kingdom of Light. The abode of the Creator Jehovih. Not to be confused with Jehovih’s Kingdom on Earth.

Light-bodies. Similar to a spirit body, but with what appears to be some physical attributes.

Mani. A Persian prophet and Messenger of Jehovih, and founder of Manichaeism.

Mary. The mother of Joshu. She is referred to as Blessed Mother. She always points back to the authority of her son.

Metatron. A very high celestial being, sometimes referred to as an Archangel. He is from the presence of the Creator and sometimes called the Second Jehovih. He and Joshu work together in the higher realms and on earth for raising humanity to higher levels of knowledge. Metatron is always in the service of Jehovih. He may be properly venerated, but never worshipped. Other titles attributed to Metatron: The Lord Appointed by Jehovih, the Other Hand of Jehovih who Brings Justice, the Face of Jehovih.

Michael. An archangel. A guardian of the nation of Israel.

Miraculous Vase of Water. A vase that was provided by miraculous means to the Teacher of Righteousness. When a great deal of sins occur among Faithists, the water dissipates, but when righteousness prevails the vase refills. It is written in the scriptures of Jehovih’s Faithists that Joshu is the one who refills the vase. The water within the vase is considered holy and as such it is used to bless various objects for the Remnant.

Oahspe. Also known as the Oahspe Bible. This is one of the central texts considered sacred to Faithists. It was revealed by celestial beings through the hands of J.B. Newbrough. It is not claimed that the Oahspe is perfect, but that the information contained therein is sufficient for humanity to learn how to progress to the next life successfully.

Prayer of Metatron. A prayer of thanksgiving to Jehovih, prayed daily by Jehovih’s Faithists.

Priest. A male or female appointed by the Rabbah or one of his representatives for prayer and intercessory work on behalf of Faithists.

Psalms of Israel. Sometimes called the Davidic Psalms, but also contains all the 151 Psalms of the Jewish Bible.

Rabbah. Another term for Chief. Also known as “Chief Rabbah.” He is the spiritual leader of Jehovih’s Faithists on earth. Also referred to as Teacher of Light.

Remnant. Individuals who have been called out of the world, who have responded to the Creator and have made a covenant with Him to be obedient to the instructions provided.

Scroll of Aaron. A scroll miraculously provided to the Teacher of Righteousness in 1993, containing the genealogy of the patriarchs of the Faith beginning with Aaron, the brother of Moses in the Old Testament.

Sons of light. Used in reference to the celestial beings in service to Jehovih, but can also refer, in a more generic sense, to the Remnant.

Teacher of Righteousness. This is the brother of the Teacher of Light. He is the Rabban of the Religion of Light, and spiritual leader of the Essenes.

Terra Nova. A partially celestial realm within earth’s stratosphere. It is a place where individuals from the Remnant and others who were called reside to continue a more intense purification process.

Word from Heaven. A collection of divine messages, or revelations used in conjunction with the other sacred texts of Faithists.

Works of Mercy. Providing help or assistance for widows, orphans, lonely people, those who have been neglected, the hungry, the sick and other less fortunate persons.