Poem: What Did I See?

I came for my children, and what did I see?
I traveled over a celestial ocean;
I traveled over an earthly sea, but what did I see?
How my heart sank when I looked upon the village.
Lo! I saw none but three.
Three little ones, weary but faithful.

Yes, I saw three children standing upon the watch,
Waiting for their teacher, waiting for instruction;
They were hungry in spirit, hungry for the Word;
I said unto them, come, the Word is free;
For all they had in their hand was ash.

They looked, they came, they ran, and they ate to their fill,
The Word that was prepared for them from a land far and still.
The children of Jehovih were grateful, even without money;
Come little ones, come! Feast upon the words of Jehovih!
For you know that Oahspe is like golden honey.

When they were filled, I left them with another lesson,
Then I bade to them farewell, and said, “Ye have done well.”
I went from that place and unto another,
A land forbidding and cold, ice and snow as far as one could see,
Until I came upon another village, again with only three.

They too ate from the Words of Jehovih and His angel ambassadors;
Like the others, they were also cold and hungry and without money.
They ate of the spiritual feast prepared for them long ago,
And drank from the spiritual drink that was poured out for them.
I bade them farewell, and said unto them, “Ye have done well.”

From one place to another, all I could see were three;
In other places, with dark skies and fog, but making it through;
In those places, all I did see were two.
Two disciples sitting and waiting, reading and listening;
For they also were faithful in the Spirit’s bidding.

In other places, I traveled from north to south,
I traveled from east to west, from one village to another,
So that I could find the sheep, the children of Jehovih;
In each place I found three, I found two and I found one,
But in each place, without the Oahspe were none.

Metatron; Jan. 7, 2019