Word from Heaven – Chapter 1

(This contains the combined messages from 19 March 2019 and 7 May 2019)

1 On 19 March 2019 and 7 May 2019, a gathering took place in Terra Nova with many of the disciples in the Temple at the urging of the Eternal Father Jehovih. Each of the Faithists gathered in the Great Temple with joy and anticipation, for they knew that an increase of knowledge was imminent.

2 Various celestial beings from on high descended to the Temple, including the Archangel Michael, Gabriel and others, too numerous to count. The brightness that came forth from their light-bodies was almost overwhelming and the love and compassion that was extended from them was more than the people had ever experienced in their former lives on earth.

3 The voice of the Father spoke unto the assembly saying, “This is Terra Nova, the new earth, the place which I have called each of you. In this place you shall continue learning about your mission for the future kingdom on earth. This is the place from which you will be sent forth in the days ahead to help humanity cross the great bridge of hope from the side of darkness to the fields of light. I have sent unto you these, my servants, to assist you in your learning. I have appointed for you here and for others of the Remnant who still remain on earth. Listen attentively to what they speak, for their words are those of my own.”

4 At this solemn assembly one of the celestial beings who had descended was identified by the voice of the Father as His own image, Joshu, and another by the name of Metatron, also identified as His own image.

5 Metatron stood next to the Father and kept his head bowed before Jehovih as long as he remained next to Him. The other celestial beings referred to Metatron by the title of the Lord Appointed by Jehovih and sometimes as the Other Hand of Jehovih who Brings Justice, and yet another celestial being called him the Face of Jehovih.

6 And the Father said, “I am setting the feet of Metatron upon the earth to assist all the people of the Remnant. He is not to be worshipped, but shall be called upon as one of My sons of light which I have brought into existence.”

7 And Joshu said, “He shall be a burning fire to those who are disobedient and a cooling wind to those who are faithful to the My Commandments.” After Joshu said this, Metatron was sent forward by the Father to teach the Remnant according to His Will.

8 Upon his breast was a symbol in the appearance of silver, as a geometric diagram, and upon his head was a crown with the words “Holiness to Jehovih” in Hebrew. There were numerous amethysts of various shapes and sizes on the top of the crown and diamonds around the edge.

9 He began with a prayer, giving thanks to the Father, to whom he called Jehovih, which is the Name of the Creator in the vernacular of the Faithists. He also gave thanks for the Oahspe Bible. He prayed:

{Lord Metatron’s Prayer}

10 “Eternal Creator, All-Supreme One, Jehovih, Sovereign of the Universe, I give You thanks and praise for the mission that You have given unto me, Your servant. I ask for Your guidance in all things that You would have me do, so that Your Will is done.

11 “I thank You for permitting the angelic beings of previous ages to reveal the Oahspe Bible to humanity, so that all who are attentive to Your Voice shall ascend above the human shell and rise unto Your Presence.

12 “I thank You, Jehovih, for gathering those who have heard Your call to bear Your light unto all the nations, from the East to the West, from Yemen to China, from Turkey to Spain, and from the British Isles to the Americas.

13 “May Your Will be done and may Your Light always shine upon Your Remnant of Light wherever they may reside, as families, communities or as solitary believers. Please keep Your hand upon these, Your servants, as Your own children.

14 “All honour and glory is Yours, forever and ever.”

15 The people responded, “Amen.”

16 And he began to teach the Remnant.

17 He said, “You are part of the Remnant of the Light, brought here by the Call of the Father of Greatness and by the Divine Mother’s urging. The remaining portion of the Remnant still resides on the earth where darkness and evil prevail. Pray for your brothers and sisters on the earth, for they are in need of comfort and intercession.”

18 A celestial being was called forth to read the Virtues aloud, and he did so.

19 Metatron continued teaching the crowd, reminding them of the need to practise the Virtues, saying that “even though you live in Terra Nova, you are still in a place of learning and a place where your former habits are gradually being shed without the influences of the world. Do not take this place for granted. Remove from yourselves the vices and replace them with the Virtues. Instead of having your mind on lust, greed and being lazy, generate chastity, generosity and always be busy in the work of the Eternal Creator.”

20 Another celestial being was called forth to read the Commandments aloud, and Metatron spoke of the importance of faithfully keeping each of the Commandments.

21 Metatron said, “The Commandments are those of Moses, and taught by Joshu, and reiterated in the Scriptures. Your level of committent to the Commandments demonstrates your love for Joshu who was sent to you centuries ago, who is with the Remnant today, and who will always be with the Remnant, and all those who truly follow Him.”

22 He continued to teach the Remnant in Terra Nova throughout the day, but none, not even a small child, grew tired, for they were learning from the Fountain of Truth and Light.

23 And speaking of the Scriptures, Metatron said, “Each of you shall be faithful in reading the Oahspe on a daily basis, for this is your Bible, the sacred texts of Jehovih’s Faithists. Do not take it for granted.

24 “Do not neglect the Psalms of Israel, the Gospel of Matthew, the principles of Mani and the teachings of the Masters. For all of these have assisted you in your levels of progress since you became aware of Jehovih’s Light.

25 “Because it was revealed through human hands, it is not perfect, and does not claim to be so, but it shall be a guide for you. When you need clarification on a verse, ask your teachers.

26 “The Rabbah is the Chief of the Faithists who are in a covenant with Jehovih. He, or those whom he has appointed, or those above him, will assist you in learning the meaning of the Oahspe, and shall make known that which is true in the Oahspe and that which is not necessary at this time.

27 “Thus, in this life time or in the next, none of the Remnant shall be left without an adequate knowledge of the Father’s truth.

28 “You shall read the Oahspe Bible, and you shall study its words diligently and ask questions to increase your faith and your knowledge of Jehovih’s purposes, for this is pleasing to Jehovih your Creator.”

29 And to each one present, all the men, women and even the children, were given a copy of the Oahspe Bible, large in size, dark blue in colour, with the Symbol of the Divine Name upon its cover.1

30 Raising up the Oahspe and placing his right hand upon the shoulder of the Teacher of Light, Metatron said, “Jehovih only gives His Remnant the true teaching, and it is from His appointed Rabbah that clarification from the Scriptures is given.”

31 Pointing to one of the windows on the western side of the Temple, Metatron called attention to a dark cloud that had formed in the sky. From the within the dark cloud the people could see men and women tearing pages from the Oahspe, tossing the pages in a large pot along with excrement from a dog. These people from the dark cloud then began to feed their children from the pot, and the children died as a result.

32 Metatron explained what this meant, saying, “There are some in the world who claim to derive their teachings from the Oahspe, but they have constructed a house of confusion and within it darkness and all manner of evil spirits prevail. Jehovih is not pleased with such ones.

33 “The people in the cloud are those who are servants of the evil one, those who call upon the false gods and lords who have deceived them. They are those who teach falsehoods, claiming that their race is superior. They have mixed the truth with their false teachings. Do not follow after them, for their ways are of the evil one.

34 “But I tell you this, do not neglect to pray for such ones, because their prayers are not heard by the Father at this time; however, the prayers of the Remnant are very important, and the prayers of the priests are efficacious, for it is not yet too late for their conversion.

35 “In the near future a fire shall come forth, out of the heavens, and will be at the very face of all peoples; it shall show forth the sins of all humans.

36 “Those who genuinely repent of their sins, shall not be burned by this fire; but those who do not genuinely repent of their sins shall be burned by the fire. Those who convert and stay the course of the divine teachings will be accounted among the Remnant.”

37 After speaking to the crowd, Metatron descended the steps from the large platform from which he was standing, and began walking among the crowd.

38 As he walked among the people, some of them had great fear, as they had never experienced the presence of a celestial being of such great stature walking in their midst. His very presence caused some to confess their sins before him, asking forgiveness of the Father, and others cried out with joy. Many fell to their knees uttering praises to Jehovih for sending His servant among them.

39 The very presence Metatron evoked many emotions, none of which were evil in origin, for there was no anger, jealousy or resentment among the people, but only kindness and humility existed in the assembly of the Remnant.

40 And as he walked among them, he gave to each person, that is, every man, every woman and every child, a small white stone, each of varying sizes and shapes.

41 And to each priest, he gave an amethyst of varying shapes and sizes like those that were upon his crown.

42 Many were wondering what the meaning of the stone was.

43 Joshu, hearing each of their thoughts said unto the people, “Priests, listen to my voice. The amethyst is a symbol of the presence of Metatron, the one sent forth by my Father Jehovih. It is not like the magical symbols and objects used by some people on the earth, but instead shall serve for you as a sign of Metatron’s presence. It shall be placed upon your individual altars or near by, or carried with you, but should in no wise be thought of as a charm.”

44 Then Joshu said to the others, “When you enter into the Kingdom of Light, you will bring with you, in the spirit, the white stone and you shall give it to the Gate Keeper who will then lead you to your new home in the Presence of Jehovih.

45 “At this time it shall serve as a reminder of the need to be diligent in observing the Commandments and practising the Virtues, without this you shall not enter into the Kingdom of Light.

46 Those who fail to observe the Commandments and those who do not practise the Virtues, will not have the stone in their hand when they approach the Gate Keeper. He who does not have the stone will be turned away, and depending on the grade of each person, may enter into the darkness once again.”

47 After this, Joshu spoke again to the priests saying, “When you come into the Kingdom of Light, after you have completed your mission and been elevated from this place, you shall bring the amethyst with you and show it to the Gate Keeper who shall examine it.

48 “It will indicate your progress and how faithful you have been in observance of the Commandments and the practice of the Virtues. It will serve as a key to open one of the Gates of Grades, a gate appropriate to your grade of progress.

49 “Also know this: within it there will be a record of the work you did either in Terra Nova or on the earth, as priests appointed by the Teacher of Light or the Teacher of Righteousness, and how much you were of assistance to those in need, both within and outside the Remnant, both my sheep and those of the world. Keep this stone with you.”

50 “If you shrink from your work because of laziness, your reward will be at risk. If you discontinue your appointed ministry, the amethyst will be worthless to you in the future.”

51 Joshu then said, “Those who are among the Remnant who reside on the earth shall also have a white stone. This stone, like that of their brothers and sisters in Terra Nova, shall have the same meaning.”

52 After Joshu spoke these words, a vase came forth out of pure light, and a celestial being brought it to Joshu.

53 Raising up the vase, Joshu said, “This vase is from the presence of the Divine Mother.”

54 Joshu gathered salt from the air and water from a living spring, and placed the salt and water into the vase. He said, “With this salt from the land of Spain, out of Cadiz, and this water from the spring of Jerusalem, out of Gihon, I combine the two and bless this vase and this water for the good of the Remnant.” Joshu then placed the vase in the hands of Metatron.

55 Then, turning to a small basket, Joshu blessed the amethysts which were within it, and gave them to the Teacher of Light and said to him, “Keep these for my priests who reside below, so they may be reminded of the divine presence and the promises that will be fulfilled for each of them if they are progressive in raising their levels of progress.2

56 Place them in the secret place with the Scroll of Aaron and the tablets which I gave to you and to your brother before, until I instruct you to send one of the amethysts to certain members of the priesthood.”

57 After this, Metatron poured some of the water over the amethysts in the basket and a great light came forth from the basket.

58 One of the celestial beings brought forth a scroll from within the pure light which was the Divine Mother and gave it to the Teacher of Light, saying to him, “Take this scroll, for it contains the names of the priests who shall receive one of the amethysts. Keep the scroll with the basket.”

59 Metatron then gave to the Teacher of Light his outer garment, a purple coloured robe, placing it upon him, saying, “Wear this robe, as it is a symbol of the authority that has been given to you by the Father, just as He has given me authority.”

60 The Teacher of Light bowed before Joshu and Metatron and bid the assembly farewell, and then descended to the earth with the basket of amethysts in his hands.

61 Metatron then gave the vase of holy water to the Teacher of Righteousness and instructed him to use it for the blessing of the Remnant and to bless objects and pieces of fabric with the water, to give such items to members of the Remnant.

62 Joshu instructed the Teacher of Righteousness saying, “As long as the majority of the Remnant is following the path of righteousness, this vase will remain full, but when the majority are following the ways of darkness or being influenced by the evil one, the vase will become dry.

63 “Whenever any from among the appointed leadership begin to teach falsehoods, the celestial beings will withdraw from the people for a period of time until the darkness has been removed. Whenever righteousness prevails, the water will be replenished by my hand.”

64 After Joshu said these words, his mother came forth saying, “Remember the words of my son, and do what he instructs you. Just as in the days of Cana, when he turned water to wine, he will turn the dry air to gushing waters.”

65 The people responded saying, “Oh Blessed Mother of Joshu, we will do as your son has instructed. Amen.”

66 The Archangel Gabriel then instructed some of the celestial beings to give what appeared to be a braided rope with knots to each member of the Remnant.

67 Mary then said, “Keep this with you, for very soon you will be told what it is and how to use it.”

68 Joshu then gave to the Teacher of Righteousness his outer garment, a maroon coloured robe, placing it upon him, saying, “Wear this robe, as it is a symbol of the authority that has been given to you by the Father, just as He has given me authority.”

69 After this, the Teacher of Righteousness bowed before Joshu and Metatron, and then gave a blessing to the Remnant who were present before him, and descended to the earth with the vase of holy water and the scroll in his hands.

70 While the Remnant in Terra Nova was saddened to see the Teachers leave that place, at the same time, they were filled with joy with the knowledge that in a similar way, the Remnant on the earth would also be blessed and someday they would see their brothers and sisters in Jehovih’s Kingdom on earth.

71 Many songs of praise and thanksgiving were chanted that day, for several hours. All the people in the solemn assembly were filled with tears of joy, and were uttering forth words of gratitude to Jehovih the All-Supreme One.

72 At the same time, the holy angels and other celestial beings were calling upon the Name of Jehovih in constant praise, ascending and descending throughout the remainder of the day.

73 When evening had come upon the land, Metatron once again walked among the people and embraced each individual speaking words to each one in their ear, words that only the individual could hear and understand.

74 Joshu reminded the Remnant about their obligations, saying, “Remain faithful to the teachings — the Message of Light that is to be revealed often, the Commandments, the Virtues and that which comes from the appointed Teachers and those with them.

75 “Do not put aside the widow or the orphan, the lonely or the neglected, the hungry or the sick.

76 “Make it your obligation to pray for all peoples regardless of the colour of their skin, the nation from which they came, their ethnicity, their economic status, gender, where they fit in with society or their sexual orientation. For if you judge such ones adversely, based on these matters, so too shall you be judged with the coming fire.”

77 The people responded by saying, “Joshu, we will do as you have instructed. Amen.”

78 Joshu blessed the people in attendance and took leave, along with Metatron and all the other celestial beings. The people remained in that place praying and contemplating on all that they had witnessed.

79 After the people returned to their homes, a great rain came that night and brought additional blessings to the land of Terra Nova, for on the next day the people could see that their crops had grown a hundred fold.

80 From that very day the scholars, the scribes and the priests and various instructors, came together to form an association in Terra Nova to examine the words that had been revealed so they could commit them to memory.

1 Later identified as the Eloist Edition

2 Grades. See Oahspe Book of Judgment chapter 6.

I, Nathaniel Živan, take full responsibility for any mistakes in transcribing this message and placing it in a digital and/or printed format. I can not be held responsible for any possible translation errors produced by others.